Author: Nathan Resick

Production deployment 10/11/22

Update phone number with timestamp suffix when deleted Lunch group on click of membership ( Invite tooltip change as per attached screen in MLM ( Admin is not able to edit... Continue reading

Production deployment 10/06/22

Assignment submission notification - Click on image should take the user to drawing tool rather that opening the image ( Let's increase the LOGIN trials from 3 tries to 5 tries. Most users run into this issue and get locked before they realize. (... Continue reading

Production deployment 10/07/22

Admins and Parents are receiving notifications related to merges ( Fix for deleted profiles are added to memberchildmappings during import Fix for duplicate students added to community Continue reading

Production deployment 10/04/22

UI : Extended Event title is breaking the Event card in notification center ( Fix for members are not showing in manage tab for groups Continue reading

Production deployment 10/03/22

Admin tool - schools page filters ( Admintool - districts page - list schools ( Soundscapes Attendance Issues ( MLM :... Continue reading